Episode 29 – The Opposite of Michael Jackson

Praise be the Gods, fellow D-Bags! After much technical difficulty, the latest episode of D&D-Bags is finally here!

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Editor’s Note:
They totally faked me out. They went on this whole rant about how Barrel was a Dwarf, and so his accent MUST be Scottish, and how I was silly for asking. Going back now, I realized: he WASN’T ACTUALLY SCOTTISH!! (Editor’s Note written by M. Night Shyamalan)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 29 – The Opposite of Michael Jackson”

    1. Hey, there, Snoyd. This is Joe (AKA Aati). We’re not dead yet. Unfortunately season 1 ended abruptly due to a combination of health, technical, and scheduling issues and we spent a VERY long time in limbo. We have actually been recording season 2 for the last month with a few new cast members and it will pick up in the same universe as Aati & Illum. I’m the DM now and Frankie is acting as a guest member so we can continue playing even when he isn’t able to make it. I should have more updates in the next few weeks. Thanks so much for caring enough to comment! Please stay tuned for more D-baggy goodness!


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