Joseph_Illustration_FinalA commissioned piece of our second season characters as they appear in Season 2 Episode 22, done by Forrest Imel. From left to right: Harlow Mountainbrew and his mastiff dog Martha, Winston the direcorgi, Forg, L.A.Z.H.O.R., Sapodia, Lil Justice, and Crate.


Forg, the Frog-man fighter (played by Avi) and Martha, the mastiff


Harlow Mountainbrew, the Dwarven barbarian (Played by Charlie)


L.A.Z.H.O.R. (Lightly Armored Zapping Hatted Organic Robot), the Goliath warlock (played by Andy)

Lil Justice_8.5x11

Lil Justice, the half-orc barbarian (played by Dax)


Sapodia, the Aarakocra cleric


Crate, the Dwarven blacksmith


Winston, the direcorgi



A sketch of what Forg looks like when he’s not actively pouring ale into his face (by Forest Imel)

DnDbags-3print300dpiA picture we commissioned for our season 1 characters from artist Kim Van Deun (@Sketch_Ferret). From left to right: Long Dong Silver, Illum, Aati, & Carl the Gruel Man.


EnergeticJen Fan Art

Our first piece of Fan Art. A picture of Aati & Illum, courtesy of @energeticjen on Twitter!


vaerog png

Vaerog the Elf Wizard (drawn by Makenna Akins @LoyalBandit13)


forg png

Forg the frog man Fighter and his little frog buddies, Fitty Copper and Fetty Woop (drawn by Makenna Akins @LoyalBandit13)

lil justice png

Lil Justice the Half Orc Barbarian (drawn by Makenna Akins @LoyalBandit13)

lahzor png

L.A.Z.HO.R. (drawn by Makenna Akins @LoyalBandit13)Winston png

Winston (drawn by Makenna Akins @LoyalBandit13)

vaerog png4

Vaerog alternate with “pee elemental” (drawn by Makenna Akins @LoyalBandit13)


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