DM’s Notes

  • In our game, there is a house rule that, once per session, the group can agree to roll a d20 in order to alter some aspect of the game’s world (generally something cosmetic or historical about the world). The bigger the change, the higher the number that they must roll. If they roll a low number, the story may not change at all or it may change in the opposite way that they intended. These dice rolls are referred to as “Canon Dice.”
  • Threeve and Xiaven are apparently numbers that people use
  • Funday and Friday are confirmed days of the week
  • Aasimar blood looks like liquid gold (but isn’t actually gold) while devil blood is purplish-blue or black filth
  • All devils have nipples on their foreheads
  • The infernal language is actually just scatting (i.e. “skibbity bo bop”)
  • There are 20 Dwarven clans that each claim to be descended from one of the god Moradin’s children. There were originally 19, but the Darkstone family had the sacred texts “re-translated” and it was “discovered” that there was a 20th child named “Darkstone”
  • Known Dwarven clans include: Darkstone, Diamondback, Mountainbrew, Rockfoot, Ironspine, Goldenbeard
  • There was a war between the Elves and the Dwarves that ended 100 years ago. It lasted about 300 years. The Dwarves won and conquered Elven lands, now treating the elves like second-class citizens.
  • Dwarven royalty like to dye their beards flamboyant colors
  • All of the Assblasters are apparently connected and drawn together by their shared “reiki” energy
  • All ogres look, sound, and smell like Shrek