Here’s a list of all of the locations that have appeared on the show so far. Of course, if you aren’t caught up, you might see some potential spoilers. You have been warned!


Agar Taure: The elven term for “Blood Forest”. It is located between Oakfen and the capital city. This was a the site of a massive defeat for the elves during their war with the Dwarves. Each tree in the forest is a grave marker for a fallen elf soldier. The leaves of the trees are red all year round and the legends say that they get their coloring from the elven blood that was spilled in the ground there. Because of its origin, the forest seems to have a stronger connection to the spiritual world and other planes.

Apenness: City name encountered by Aati in the library of Elmoor. It is apparently an island city.

Bardperson’s home village: Unnamed isolated village of Aarakocra high up in the mountains. Can only be reached by bird people because you need to fly to it. It is unrelated to Brinjal.

Binglederry: Town that is apparently made of candy. The king of Brinjal offered a quest to the Assblasters to go there and deliver a message to the mayor, Higgle McGigglestein, but they instead chose to go to Jose’Cuervos’lin. Marris and Hislen opted for this quest and were last seen heading there.

Brinjal: City of Bird people (Aarakocra) in the Stillwind Mountains. Full of tall buildings with different families living on different floors. Most buildings have doors that are high off the ground with no steps or ladders, since the occupants are expected to be able to fly up to them. The king’s castle has a ceiling of either glass or crystal so the sky is visible from anywhere inside. Brinjal’s criminals and exiles are sent somewhere called the “Clipping Grounds”. Featured Places: Tailfeather Tavern

Cacot: East of Tarnstead, by a river. There is a temple of Moradin there (100 troops of Elmoor’s militia were sent there and the temple sent a letter back to Aati & Illum saying that they’re safe). The city sits under a cloud of black smoke due to the many forges in the city. They have been using the waters of the river to take away the runoff, but the waters have become polluted and killed off most of the fish, so the city is facing a severe famine.

Capital City: “city of bridges”, floating city between two cliffs. Looks like a wedding cake stacked on top of an upside-down wedding cake (wide in middle and thin on top and bottom). Each level is a ring. 9 floors (there used to be 10 before D’Jay’Kaled attacked). King Regent lives on top floor. Slums on bottom. Thanks to the Assblasters, there is now a “statue” at the bottom of the canyon below of D’Jay’Kaled, on his back reaching up as his physical form was calcified and he was transported back to Hell. Notable locations: All-male brothel; tavern which features a live bull for people to ride as if it was a mechanical bull

Court of Frogs: Village of frogfolk living in the Feywild. Built around the ruins of an Eladrin temple. The frog-men all wear crowns to denote their status and must secretly kill the frog ranked above them in order to move up in rank. There is a population of roughly 40 frogfolk. As the veils between realities have been fading, the frog-men seem to have been brought to the material plane. The frogfolk recently relocated to the city of Oakfen after capturing it.

Del’Tassi: The unorthodox all-male temple of Moradin where Aati was raised. It is led by Brother Chadwick.

Eeville: City on the first layer of Hell. It looks like Venice, but with lava. They celebrate Bloodmas and their guards wear santa outfits. All of the residents now have deformed wing bones protruding from their backs and have vowed to kill outsiders on sight after being betrayed by the Assblasters.

Elmoor: West of Tarnstead by a lake (near the River Vees). Population: Between 2,000 and 3,000 people. Surrounded by walls made of giant trees and has people living inside giant trees. There was a coliseum where arena fights were held, but it was recently destroyed by an explosion. Elves are oppressed and there is a Dwarven council made up of 20 members. Each council member used to represent a different clan, but a few of the lower clans got knocked off the council by non-clan families who bought their way onto the council. The town is notable for having one of the largest temples and libraries outside of the capital cities. The king of Brinjal offered a quest to the Assblasters to go there and investigate the explosion that destroyed Elmoor’s arena, but they instead chose to go to Jose’Cuervos’lin. Vezharax opted to take this quest. Since the explosion, the Elves have revolted and barricaded the city from inside, causing the Dwarves to lay siege to the city. The two factions are stuck in a stalemate, with the Dwarves camped outside the city. Featured places: Queen’s Sword Tavern and the Big Green Apple Tavern.

Flavortown: ???

Feywild: Alternate plane of existence that mirrors the prime material plane, with some differences (i.e. The Feywild’s version of the Agar Taure has blue leaves instead of red ones). It is inhabited by fairies, frogfolk, direcorgis, will-o-wisps, blue-skinned elves known as Eladrin, and other fantastical creatures. There are certain “soft places” in the mundane world where the veil between the planes is thinner than others, allowing living beings to travel through. It features an enormous waterfall stretching across the horizon known as “the curtains”, which function as an exit from the Feywild. The boundary between the Feywild and the mundane world has apparently been getting blurred recently for some reason.

Fuluz’Mora: Dwarven holy city where the Dwarf high patriarch and the head of Moradin’s religion both reside. The city’s name is Dwarven for “the Seat of Moradin”. The entire city exists in a cavern beneath the seat of an enormous chair carved into a mountain. They call the mountain “Moradin’s Throne” and waterfalls run down the arms and legs of the chair, forming a natural moat around the city. The city is primarily Dwarven and they use bears as beasts of burden. Featured places: Golden Tapir Inn and Hotgritz bank.

Gashak: A city where the population is comprised entirely of monsters. It is ruled by vampires and apparently has a werewolf problem. There are fighting pits there and Garl the Cruel Man is a popular fighter in their arena.

Jose’Cuervos’lin: Elven city with a marquis where performers were going missing. The king of Brinjal tasked the Assblasters with investigating these disappearances. After the defeat of D’Jay’Kaled, peace has been restored to the city and performers have slowly begun returning there.

Khelukkhaz: North of Tarnstead, in the center of the Stormlands, where it is always raining. The city is ruled by a human sorceress named Queen Qay’leen and there is an enchantment on her that keeps the rain from entering the city borders of the city as long as she is there. The streets are lined with flowers and all of the buildings are painted different colors. The city is also notable in that it treats goblins as equal citizens. There is a temple of Moradin in Khelukkhaz and it is surrounded by ancient ruins. The symbol on Illum’s shield was apparently found in the ruins there. Featured places: open air tent market and the College of Sorcerous Studies.

Ruins near Khelukkhaz –

                   Fardahl: Closest to the city of Khelukkhaz. Nobody know what these ruins were built for. Series of buildings with lots of defenses built into the side of the mountains. Scrolls said that Illum’s shield’s eye symbol was seen there.

                    Jomor: In the valley between the mountains. Has a coliseum that is haunted by wraiths and revenants.

                    Kinet: Old temple dedicated to worship of a god of fate, built on top of mountain peak with lots of imagery of wings and stars. There is a draconic legend that a dragon god can be spoken to at a temple of Kinet.

                    Sivashis: Ancient Dwarven cave tunnels built inside the mountain face. Most entrances are closed or caved in.

Leannin’s Wall: Enormous white stone wall just south of the Stillwind Mountains that separates Dwarven lands from Elven lands.

Lydas: Elven village home of Baegon and his order, the Patrolmen.

Memorial Valley: Canyon between two cliffs just south of Fuluz’Mora. It is a sacred place for Dwarves, who go there to die and “return to the stone”. The spirits of the fallen Dwarves roam the valley, becoming visible in the twilight hours. The spirits crave the company of the living and will try to make visitors stay by projecting the visitors’ happiest memories on the natural land bridges between the cliffs. The spirits try to scare the living away from leaving the canyon by showing people their own worst memories.

Oakfen: Looks similar to Elmoor, but all the trees are burnt from the war. It clearly used to be a military outpost that was demilitarized and converted into a town. Elmoor had an arena for combat, whereas Oakfen instead features an amphitheatre designed for putting on plays. In the center of the city, there is a floating statue of Thraciel engaged in battle with the dragon Vermithrax. The town was watched over by a “Witness”, who is a spy that send letters back to the Dwarven king to report on any rebellious Elven activities so they can quickly be put down by a Dwarven military brigade. The city was taken over by the frogfolk thanks to an agreement Crate made to have them rescue the Assblasters from imprisonment by the former Witness. Featured places: Grinning Kobold tavern, Mages’ Guild.

Tarnstead: Former home of Aati & Illum, as well as the Hammers of Moradin. The temple of Moradin was destroyed and the village was attacked by the Sons of the Scourge, leaving much of it in ruins. Notable locations: The Imp and the Serpent (brothel)

Turrenshire: Elven city that is on the brink of a civil war which is allegedly being caused by a dragon. The king of Brinjal offered a quest to the Assblasters to go there and slay the dragon, but they instead chose to go to Jose’Cuervos’lin. Runir opted to take this quest and was last seen heading in that direction.

Waleah: South of Tarnstead, by a castle. It was known as the “city in the castle,” with most of its citizens living in homes within the ancient castle’s walls. There is a temple of Moradin there (Waleah did not send back a letter in response to Aati & Illum’s letter checking if they were safe). The city’s temple was recently destroyed and all of its citizens have gone missing.

Wallflower Campgrounds: Camp of refugees living in a closed-down gateway of Leannin’s Wall

Western Continent: The homeland of Forg. Sometimes simply referred to as the “other continent”. Based on what Forg has said, we know that “Reesies Peecies” are a delicacy/snack there; giant boulders sometimes rain down from the sky there; there’s a large arena there; the dab is a symbol of victory in some cultures there (slow dabs are performed at funerals); there are no giant scorpions or spiderbears there (or at least none that Forg was aware of); and they like butts over there. Also, they have a play called “Frogman and Frog Lady” where Frogman is a toad and it’s otherwise basically just Romeo & Juliet. It is a sign of respect there to say “oh shit, waddup?” Frog people often ride unicycles there. There is a delicacy called “icup,” which you can only eat if you spell its name, but nobody wants to spell it. Nobody knows how it’s made or where it comes from. Forg’s kingdom was apparently invaded by the Bandirian empire 5 years ago and he has been on the run from the empire ever since. Forg’s home kingdom also apparently communicates via messenger penguins and the Head Gondolier penguin is named Jeeves.