Episode Summaries

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Season 1 Complete Summary:

Frankie the Dungeon Master narrates the quest as Aati the tiefling paladin (played by Joe) and Illum the wingless Aasimar paladin (played by Andy) are completing their training to be paladins for the Dwarven god, Moradin,  in the town of Tarnstead. On the day of their initiation, the head of their temple, Marius, tried to initiate them into a secret order known as the Sentinels and they each received a magical amulet. Before they could find out what the Sentinels were, a cult known as the Sons of the Scourge attacked and destroyed their temple. They managed to survive and headed out to warn the other temples of Moradin about the Sons of the Scourge and the cult’s leader, the tiefling warlock named Malexxis. They sent out ravens and headed to the nearby city of Elmoor. Along the way, they met Long Dong Silver (the performing brothel donkey), as well as Carl the Gruel Man (a half-orc chef), and Shah-Pu Ki-Pa Longperson (the shady halfling who tried to rob them while he was allegedly under an enchantment), who all joined Aati & Illum on their quest. Aati revealed to the others that he was a “split soul” and that his spirit was once part of a deity or extraplanar being and that the deity split itself into multiple parts, so there is someone else in the world who contains the other half of Aati’s soul. He hopes to someday find that person so that they can both be complete. When they got to Elmoor, they met Elmoor’s head brother, Vashenn the Dwarven drunkard. Aati beat Vashenn in a drinking contest and convinced him to send out an army to the temple in the city of Cacot in order to protect the temple. The drunken Aati stumbled into the son of a councilman, Pabarel Darkstone, who challenged him to a deathmatch. On the day of the deathmatch, Long Dong Silver accidentally entered the arena and Pabarel’s champion, Nemestraehi, killed the donkey. Then, Aati & Illum defeated Nemestraehi, which caused him to explode, destroying the arena, killing hundreds of people, and awakening some kind of shadow powers in Aati, which he used to destroy Nemestraehi when he reappeared. Aati & Illum then found Pabarel Darkstone amidst the rubble, brought him back to the temple, and revived him. Pabarel blamed them for the arena explosion and the Elmoor paladins took them to the dungeons where they awaited their trial.


Individual Season 2 episode summaries can be found at: https://dndbags.com/episode-summaries/s2-episode-summaries/

Season 2 Complete Summary (so far)

Joe the dungeon master narrates the quest as Forg, the frog man fighter (played by Avi), L.A.Z.H.O.R. the goliath cyborg warlock (played by Andy), Harlow Mountainbrew the dwarven barbarian (played by Charlie), Harlow’s dog Martha, and Thediem the awakened mystic (played by Frankie) all meet in the city of Brinjal. They agree to complete a quest for Lord Durian, king of the birdfolk, in exchange for boons of their choosing and they bring Sapodia the birdwoman with them. Along the way, they are joined by Crate the blacksmith, Winston the size-changing Direcorgi, Lil Justice the half-orc barbarian (played by Dax), and Vaerog the elf wizard (played by Niccolo), as Thediem and Harlow are both trapped inside of Thediem’s mysterious puzzle box. Their quest leads them to Jose Cuervos’lin where there have been a series of disappearances. They discover that performers in Jose Cuervos’lin have been being taken by devils as sacrifices and Sapodia is taken as well. They go to Hell to rescue the sacrifices, but discover that this was all part of a plan to unleash a devil army under the command of the devil lord, D’Jay’Kaled. Returning to earth with the rescued victims, they are able to banish the army and D’Jay’Kaled himself with the help of an elven high priestess. Then, they burn the devil lord’s horn, causing its hallucinogenic effects to send a whole city on a day long acid trip. When they sober up, they are targeted by two assassins and they discover that the assassins were sent by Lord Durian himself, who is apparently trying to get out of paying them their boons. Upon returning to Brinjal, they attempt a coup against the Lord Durian, but they fail. They leave Sapodia behind and escape with their lives as Brinjal closes itself off from the outside world. They then begin investigating the explosion in Elmoor and seeking the culprits responsible for it. They are rejoined by their friend, Bradperson, the Aarakocra warlock (played by Max) and they find Aati. The group is currently seeking his companion, Illum.