S2 Ep. 1 – 10

Season 2: Episode 1 – We’re Going to Flavor Town!

Posted on February 22, 2017        

In the first episode of Season 2, we introduce our new cast. First, we see a frog-man Fighter named Forg (played by newcomer, Avi) as he enters an open air market outside of the mountain town of Brinjal, which is a town of Aarakocra (or birdfolk). Forg goes up to the contraption that functions as an elevator to the birdmen’s city, where he meets a cyborg goliath warlock with a lazer arm cannon named L.A.Z.O.R. (Played by Andy). L.A.Z.O.R. states that his name stands for “Lightly Armored Zapping Organic Robot”. A parrot man leads Forg and L.A.Z.O.R. to a nearby inn named the Tailfeather Tavern. Upon entering, they meet Vezherax the Dragonborn cleric and Hislen the gnomish bard. Hislen gives them all flowers and L.A.Z.O.R. eats his. Looking around the room, they see a female Aasimar trying to order food from a pigeon man at the bar as the pigeon man attempts to flirt with her; a Dwarven barbarian drinking at the bar; an Aarakocra bird girl devouring a bowl of porridge; and a sulking half-orc female paladin sitting at a table in the corner. Forg tries to order some ale from the bartender who gives him some fermented milk. After Forg expresses his disappointment, they are then greeted by the Dwarven barbarian, Harlow Mountainbrew (played by newcomer, Charlie) who was also sitting at the bar. Harlow shares some of his own personal brew from a barrel strapped to his back. Harlow keeps a mastiff named “Martha” at his side. Shortly after, 3 Aarakocra thugs (a cardinal man, a blue jay man, and a chicken man) all walk in. Their leader, the cardinal male, identifies himself as Kale, claiming that they are representatives of the king and demanding a toll, despite the fact that they aren’t wearing anything of the royal garb that the other representatives were wearing. Vezherax the Dragonborn offers to pay them in order to keep the peace, despite recognizing that they are lying. Runir the half-orc paladin threatens to fight them if they don’t leave. Maris the Aasimar says that she abhors violence and stands back against the wall. L.A.Z.O.R. begins counting down from 3. When he gets to two, Thediem (played by Frankie) enters the room carrying an ornate puzzle box. He sees the situation and ignores it as he takes a seat at the bar. Then, L.A.Z.OR. The players and the NPCs briefly brawl with the thugs before defeating them. After the fight, Hislen reappears and Vezherax heals the wounded cardinal man. While they are recuperating, the Aasimar, Maris, congratulates the players, but Forg notices her hand slipping into his coin pouch. Forg grabs her hand and she insists that she was killing a spider that had slipped into his pouch, but Thediem uses his powers to make her confess that she was attempting to rob him. Just as things get tense, the parrot man walks into the bar, seeing the room torn apart from the battle, and asks what the hell is going on.


S2 Episode 2 – You Wanna End this Campaign Right Now?

Posted on March 1, 2017

The group is led to a the king’s castle. The door is about 20 feet up, as it is designed for flying creatures, so they need to have a ladder lowered to them in order to get up to it. L.A.Z.O.R. decides to try to jump up to the balcony. Rolling a natural 20, he easily makes the jump. A seagull man lower a ladder for the others, who all climb up. After raising the ladder, they hear a meek voice asking them to lower it back down. They lower the ladder for her and she climbs up, seemingly unable to fly. As she climbs, the one who lowered the ladder asks the parrot man “Do you really think she killed him?” The group goes past to a see a series of statues of past heroes who have completed quests for the king, such as Turris, who L.A.Z.O.R. mistakenly identifies as “Trucknuts.” They enter into the king’s court. Upon entering the courtroom, they see a raven man guarding the door and a dodo man with one eye sewn shut. The dodo man appears to be a jester and is singing cryptic songs about there being blades in the grass and a snake in the blades, a key with no door, fire raining from the sky, pets in the lake, and other cryptic things. The king, a peacock man named Durian, comes out with his daughter, a peahen girl named Princess Galia. They sit on a raised platform looking down on the players. Lord Durian offers 4 different potential quests to our heroes. The first involves solving mysterious disappearances in the town of Cuervas’lin. The second involves delivering a message to the mayor of Binglederry, Higgle McGigglestein. The third quest involves investigating the explosion in the city of Elmoor and bringing back the culprits. The fourth quest involves going to the town of Turrenshire and slaying a dragon, which is allegedly causing the town to be on the brink of a civil war. Joe the DM informs the group that they will have the option of bringing one of the NPCs with them to aid them in their quest. Their options are: Maris, the Aasimar rogue who tries to steal from Forg; Runir, the half-orc paladin who helped them fight the thugs; Hislen, the gnomish bard who was unusually forgettable; Vezherax, the dragonborn cleric with a jewel in his throat; and Sapodia, the flightless, classless sparrow Aarakocra who was accused of murder. Out of character, the group takes a ranked-choice vote and decides on Sapodia. She then offers to come with them and they agree to go to Cuervas’lin. Andy rolls canon dice to change its name to “JoseCuervos’lin” and succeeded. Thediem formally introduces himself to the group and offers to come with them. He uses his powers to speak to Sapodia telepathically and ask if she would ever murder someone. She is frightened by the sudden invasion into her mind, but insists that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. The group is given a map and heads out toward JoseCuervos’lin


S2 Episode 3 – …With Passion!

Posted on March 8, 2017  

Having decided that they would be going to JoseCuervos’lin with Sapodia, the group heads out. As the group leaves, they hear a loud sound and see the puzzle box that Thediem had been carrying. They look around to realize that Thediem has completely disappeared. L.A.Z.O.R. believes that Thediem must have gone to the bathroom and suggests that they wait for him while Harlow kicks the puzzle box. He hears a hissing voice in the back of his head that says, “Do… not… kick!” In light of the mysterious voice, he decides to leave the puzzle box alone for now and they take it with them, figuring that Thediem must somehow be inside and will probably come out at some point. As they get to the door, they hear the parrot man referring to them as a bunch of freaks and saying that he’d rather deal with the “vultures” than them. He looks back in embarrassment to realize that they have overheard and has the ladder lowered so they can leave. As they head to the elevator contraption to exit the city, they see the three thugs from the tavern all being taken in chains toward the castle. The cardinal man, Kale, tells Sapodia that they’re heading to the Clipping Grounds and that he’ll see say hello to her sister when he gets there. They get to the elevator and need to wait for it to get there. They see Maris, the Aasimar, and Hislen, the gnome, who say that they’re heading off to Binglederry and that the place is allegedly made of candy. Vezherax, the dragonborn, says that he is heading to Elmoor, since he already knows who destroyed the arena. Runir, the half-orc, says that she is going to Turrenshire. The player party goes down the elevator and heads toward JoseCuervos’lin. As the move down the mountain path, they meet a dwarven girl with a wagon and a pony on the side of the road. She warns them that the entire path is taken up by a huge turtle snake. Andy does a nature roll on turtle snakes to see what L.A.Z.O.R. knows about them, but rolls very poorly, so he becomes convinced that “turtle snake” is what the locals call Rabbit-squirrels and that they are about to encounter a small, fuzzy woodland creature. The group turns the corner and encounters a gigantic turtle the size of a chariot with the head of an anaconda and they begin attacking it. Harlow and L.A.Z.O.R. both immediately roll critical hits on it, causing it to retreat into its shell. Harlow and Forg see that the shell will be much harder to damage, so they hold their attacks to wait until the head reappears. Harlow climbs on its spiky shell so he can play whack-a-mole with the head when it comes out, but L.A.Z.O.R. decides to fire an eldritch blast out of his arm cannon at the shell. The blast is deflected off the shell, causing the beast to shake Harlow off, but he manages to land on his feet. When the head reappears, it manages to land a bite on Harlow, but shortly after, the group manages to cut its head clean off. The dwarven girl pulls her wagon up to them and thanks them for slaying the beast. She takes off her coat to introduce herself and says that her name is Crate. Once she is no longer bundled up, it is clear that she only has one arm. Crate claims to be a smith and offers to smith something for them using the beast’s tough, spiked shell. She says that the elves refer to turtle snakes as “tuto’rayal” and congratulates them for defeating the tuto’rayal. Sapodia feels embarrassed that she couldn’t be more helpful, so she asks the group what kind of skill she could learn to help them. In light of Harlow’s bite wound, they decide that they could use a proper healer. Sapodia agrees and vows to become a cleric for them. The group heads off toward their destination with Crate joining them.

S2 Episode 4 – Super Racist for No Reason

Posted on March 15, 2017

As the group exits the mountains, they come upon an enormous white wall known as Leannin’s Wall. Some of the members remember that it was built by one of the three Elven leaders (known as “Triads”) during the war between the dwarves and elves that lasted 300 years and ended about 100 years ago. The wall marks the end of the Elven lands. L.A.Z.O.R. rolls a low history check and becomes convinced that the wall is part of a very large house. The group then comes across an old gateway that has become a refugee camp known as the Wallflower Campgrounds. There is a hole in the wall here, but it is closed up for the night, as they say that powerful beasts roam the inside of the walls during the night. Harlow goes over to a well to sensually wash the snake blood off of his body, causing a scene and scaring a few of the residents. Crate says that she’ll set up a makeshift smithy and start crafting a breastplate for Forg using the snake turtle’s shell as well as a spiked stein for Harlow. Sapodia says that she will find the local healer to teach her about healing. Meanwhile, L.A.Z.O.R. grabs a random person and demands information about JoseCuervos’Lin, but the person doesn’t know much. They browse the goods at the market and L.A.Z.O.R. grabs another random villager and asks him for information, but it ends up being the same person he grabbed earlier. He refers to the man as “smallfolk” and the man asks, “How did you know my name?” The man introduces himself as “Smolfok” and says that he still doesn’t know anything about JoseCuervos’Lin. L.A.Z.O.R. lets him go as Forg and Harlow decide to get themselves a drink. They find a nice tent that serves ale and get hammered as Forg sings his best drinking songs for Harlow. While the two are bonding, L.A.Z.O.R. finds some sleeping tents for rent. He grabs the owner by the shoulders, demanding to know the price and realizes that he has once again grabbed Smolfok, who offers him the 4 tents for 1 gold each. At the end of the night, Harlow and Forg pass out at the drinking tent and L.A.Z.O.R. falls asleep in a sleeping tent that is half his size, with his legs clearly sticking out of the end. The next morning, they all wake up to see that the boards have been taken down from the hole in the wall and that there are a few men pulling dead bodies from out of the wall.


S2 Episode 5 – The Southerners

Posted on March 22, 2017

After waking up in the tents of the Wallflower Campgrounds, L.A.Z.O.R. awakens the remaining members who were still sleeping. Then, the puzzle box that he was carrying appears on the ground before him and Thediem reappears from out of the box. The group is glad to see him, except for Sapodia, who wasn’t fond of him telepathically invading her mind. When asked what the herbalist taught her, Sapodia hands out some potions that she made to everyone in the group. She says that she learned some herbalistic remedies as well as a bit about something called “reiki”. Crate walks over and presents Forg with the breastplate that she forged for him out of the turtle snake’s shell. She then shoves the stein that she made into Harlow’s hands. Crate asks where the group is going. They say that they’re heading to JoseCuervos’lin and she claims that she is heading that way, too. Thediem detects that she is lying, but that she actually just wants to come with them. He decides to keep that information to himself and the group agrees to let her come along as long a she keeps smithing things for them, which she agrees to do. The  group heads over to the wall and inspects the corpses that were pulled out of the wall. L.A.Z.O.R. believes that they died of natural causes, but the others all see the very obvious stab wounds covering their bodies. L.A.Z.O.R. demands entrance and the veteran doesn’t seem keen to let them pass. L.A.Z.O.R. begins counting down and charging his arm cannon, but Smolfok comes over and diffuses the situation, pleading with Gaglian to let them through. Gaglian agrees and opens the wall up for them and they head inside the wall. Crate stays behind and says that she’ll head through once they’ve cleared the way. The group heads inside the wall to see that there is a proper dungeon inside. They begins investigating when they hear the sounds of yipping creatures that they recognize as kobolds. The noise seems to be coming from behind a door, so L.A.Z.O.R. blasts it down. On the other side of the destroyed doorway, they see a bunch of kobolds who are sitting around a fire as well as a few who are perched on a high platform made of rubble. They begin an intense battle with the kobolds as more and more of the kobolds keep running out from different parts of the room. As the battle rages, Harlow runs over to them and rolls a critical miss, causing him to get up in one of the kobold’s faces and stabs himself in the leg, saying “ooh, yeah” and seeming to get a sadistic sense of pleasure from the pain, which actually freaks out the kobolds quite a bit. After violently destroying most of the kobolds, the last one runs away into what seems to be a secret passageway. Harlow berates Sapodia for not helping out more. She apologizes and says that she was too scared to help, but she’ll try to do better in the future. Harlow then notices that she got a new dagger and asks where it came from before noticing Crate’s name carved into the hilt. The group heads over to the secret passage and gets ready to enter as the episode ends.


S2 Episode 6 – Strip Poker with Some Kobolds

Posted on March 28, 2017

Just as the group is about to go inside the secret passage where the kobold escaped, the puzzle box begins to shake and Thediem is sucked back inside. L.A.Z.O.R. puts the box back into his compartment. Andy asks Joe the DM if they can treat L.A.Z.O.R.’s compartment as a bag of holding for gameplay purposes and he agrees to it. The group then opens up the secret passageway to find that the kobold is missing, but there is a pile of treasure and a chest in the corner. They approach the treasure pile, suspecting that the kobold is hiding inside. L.A.Z.O.R. aims his arm cannon at the pile when Harlow’s mastiff, Martha, sniffs at the chest and starts barking at it. L.A.Z.O.R. blasts the chest and the kobold comes out in surrender. L.A.Z.O.R. uses his “comprehend language” spell to allow him tos speak to the yipping kobold. It reveals to him that the kobolds do not go up to the second floor because there is a “big blue beast” there with many legs and it eats them, but it isn’t able to get down the stairway to the first floor. Harlow then kills the kobold with his hammer and Martha begins eating its body. Looking behind the kobold, they see that there was also a sword in the treasure chest. Forg takes the sword and realizes that it is better than his current sword. It adds +1 to hit and also has “bitchin’ flames” on it. The group takes this and heads over toward the exit. Beyond the door, they hear something large moving around on the other side. L.A.Z.O.R. starts a countdown from 3, Harlow counts out “2”, and Forg says, “1” as L.A.Z.O.R. blasts the door down. Before Joe can reveal what is beyond the door, they roll canon dice to decide that it is a group of kobolds playing strip poker. They roll high enough that Joe the DM says that there is a large stone lion with a mane made of purple flames and it is at a table playing a card game with some kobolds. The door that L.A.Z.O.R. blasted down seems to have smashed into the table, ruining the game and infuriating the lion construct. The lion smashes the table as the kobolds climb into the rafters to escape. The lion says, “You will not have the Eye!” and it begins attacking them. They fight back briefly as they notice that the spots beneath all of their feet are beginning to spout blasts of purple flame. It becomes apparent that they can’t stand in the same place for more than a few seconds or else they risk being roasted alive.


S2 Episode 7 – All About the Flank

Posted on April 4, 2017     

The group attempts to fight the large lion construct while constantly moving as the floor keeps lighting on fire in the spots where they were previously standing. Because Harlow had previously berated her for standing back while they were fighting the kobolds, Sapodia rushes into battle to prove that she can be a valuable asset. The others attack the construct while Harlow jumps on its back and attempts to ride it as he fights. It repeatedly tries to buck him off, but he manages to hold on. Charlie asks what the butt looks like and decides to roll canon dice to decide that they never actually carved it a butt. Because he rolls a low number, Joe gives the opposite of what he requests and decides that the construct’s rear end is actually just an uncarved block of stone with legs coming out. Once this is revealed, the group makes it their mission to attack it from behind and carve it a proper butt. The group’s attacks gradually chip away at the block and form an exceptionally round butt. Eventually, Sapodia gives it a finishing blow by jabbing her dagger right into the center of the butt, literally giving it a new hole. Her arm then seems to be stuck inside the butt and she struggles to pull it out. While she is doing this, L.A.Z.O.R. sees a strange aura coming off of the lion. He approaches it and puts his arm cannon against it. The arm cannon sucks in the aura and transforms into a material that resembles the marble skin of the lion construct. He sees that one of the kobolds has returned to get its cards from the card game. It sees Sapodia and tries to sneak up on her to stab her, but L.A.Z.O.R. quickly places his new arm cannon against the ground and purple flame shoots out from beneath the kobold’s feet, burning it to a crisp. L.A.Z.O.R. has officially stolen the boss’s power. His arm then transforms back to its standard form, but he can feel that he would be able to turn it back to its purple fire form using a bonus action any time that he wants.


S2 Episode 8 – Good Guy Discount

Posted on April 11, 2017  

Having defeated the lion construct, the group goes to the door that the lion construct was guarding, which seems to lead to the other side of Leannin’s Wall. They listen at the door and hear some men talking, so they have Sapodia try to sneak open the door. She fails her stealth roll and the door creaks open loudly. As the door opens, they see the city of Oakfen, which is an elven outpost that has been demilitarized and converted into a city. It is surrounded by walls made from burnt trees, which were damaged during the war with the dwarves. They also see two elven guards who are goofing off while they are supposed to be guarding the door to the Wall. One of them, named Terrill, is telling a story about fairies putting him in a compromising position in a place called the Agar Taure, when he is interrupted by the door creaking open. The two guards look inside and see that the group has “vandalized” the lion construct by carving a butt into it. They quickly arrest the group and take them to their barracks. The guards lead them through the streets, under a floating statue of the winged elf, Thraciel, who they recognize as one of the three Elven rulers known as Triads. She was a warrior known for defeating the dragon, Vermithrax. The statue depicts her flying with sword in hand at the dragon’s roaring head. Harlow hates elves, so he leans into the elven guard’s ear and whispers an insult about Thraciel, infuriating the guard. When they get there, the chief refers to them as “Wallflowers” and treats them harshly until he sees that Harlow is with them. He decides to let them go for fear of causing a diplomatic incident with the dwarven monarchy. As they leave the barracks, they see that Crate, who came through the wall shortly after them. Upon inquiring about her curious odor, they learn that she doused herself with dragon urine in order to scare off any kobolds from attacking. Sapodia sees a nearby temple and says that she is going to spend the day with them to learn more about becoming a cleric. Crate then tells the group that she overheard someone asking about them and saying that he wanted to meet the person who defeated the lion construct. Crate says that the person can be found at the local tavern. The group goes to the tavern to meet this mystery person and they see a dark figure sitting in the corner alone. It is a gray-skinned Deep Gnome reading and wearing a cloak. They approach the mysterious gnome, who immediately throws a tantrum, saying that he is sick and tired of adventurers coming up to him asking him if he has any quests to give them. While he is ranting, an elf who is sitting nearby says that he actually is looking for adventurers to help do something about the cyclops who has been kidnapping their children. The Deep Gnome insults him for not solving the problem themselves, then the Deep Gnome storms out. The elven man continues to explain the problem and asks what the group calls itself. In light of their recent butt destruction of the lion construct, L.A.Z.O.R. confidently declares that they are called “The Assblasters”. They accept the quest to defeat the cyclops and then head to sleep in the upstairs inn for the night. Forg decides to stay downstairs and drink for a bit, where he apparently gets into an argument with the barkeep and beats up the barkeep so bad that he gives him two black eyes and knocked him out of his shoes. While he is unconscious, Harlow’s dog, Martha, defecates in the barkeep’s shoes. Because he rolls a 20, it is agreed that the other patrons of the bar really disliked the barkeep, so they actually tip Forg some gold out of sheer gratitude. Having come, seen, and conquered, Forg goes to sleep as well.


S2 Episode 9 – Love Will Find a Way

Posted on April 18, 2017  

In the morning, the Assblasters come downstairs to the bar and see the shoes of the barkeep, which Martha pooped in. L.A.Z.O.R. is struck by the quality of the shoes and (in an attempt to annoy the DM), decides that he must see the maker of these shoes. The shoes have an inscription that says “Sha’k’ell’qe” (pronounce ‘Shaquille”). The group heads to Sha’k’ell’qe’s cobbler shop. They talk to him briefly and L.A.Z.O.R. tries to persuade him to permanently join them, but doesn’t get a high enough number on his persuasion roll. He does convince Sha’k’ell’qe to tell them all about his family and join them on their quest to defeat the cyclops. The Assblasters leave the village of Oakfen and follow the trail of knocked down trees back to the cyclops’ lair. When they get there, they see that it is a giant cave that once appears to have been mined out. They move through the cave until they come upon a large pen where all of the children are being kept, complete with farming equipment, water, and a rotting cow. The children beg them to save the. Forg tries to comfort the children, but upsets them more by cursing. The Assblasters then move further into the cave, coming upon another pen with two elven men in it; one a farmer and the other a priest. This pen features drapes, candles, and phallic drawings on the wall. The men inside reveal that the cyclops appears to be trying to breed them, but it doesn’t understand how breeding works. It comes into the pen daily, pushes them together until they kiss, gives them a thumbs-up and then leaves. The Assblasters move forward and can see an opening where the cyclops can be heard singing around the corner. Before the opening, they see a separate tunnel that leads up to a shelf above the cyclops. While standing on the shelf, they see a large vase that is bigger than they are. They look down to see the 25 foot tall cyclops sitting at a makeshift table and hear the cyclops’ song, in which he sings “Cyclops village, cyclops village,  gonna make myself a cyclops village.” L.A.Z.O.R. is the only one who speaks the Giant language, so only he can understand. The group decides to leave Forg on the shelf and for L.A.Z.O.R. to give him a signal to push the vase on top of cyclops if things go south. Then, L.A.Z.O.R. and Harlow go back down and try to talk to the cyclops. The cyclops talks to L.A.Z.O.R. and reveals that he is attempting to have the children grow crops for him and have the people breed to make more people so he can have his very own village where he belongs. He had tried to join the village of Oakfen, but they didn’t understand him, so they had chased him away. The cyclops says that his name is “Biclops”. L.A.Z.O.R. asks Biclops to release the children and try to come with him so he can join the village of Oakfen. Biclops asks if this is a trick and L.A.Z.O.R. rolls a critical failure on his persuasion roll, so Biclops becomes enraged, believing that L.A.Z.O.R. is tricking him. L.A.Z.O.R. gives the signal and Forg pushes the vase on his head. Biclops turns around and punches into the tunnel that Forg is in, causing it to collapse around his arm. Forg crawls out of the tunnel, severely injured by the punch and the group decides to retreat back to the village. As they leave, they manage to free the priest, the farmer, and the children. They get out of the cave just as Biclops frees his arm and begins running for them. Harlow encourages L.A.Z.O.R. to fire an eldritch blast at the ceiling of the cave to collapse it on the cyclops. L.A.Z.O.R. counts down, but can’t bring himself to collapse the cave, saying, “He just wants to belong.” The group runs into the forest with the cyclops hot on their trail. After a short time, they manage to outrun him, as they are able to move between the trees while the cyclops has to knock them down, which significantly slows him down in the forest.


S2 Episode 10 – Reiki-Ass Potion

Posted on April 26, 2017

The group gets back towards Oakfen. They run past the farmsteads located outside of the village and find that they have been abandoned. It seems that Sha’k’ell’qe warned the people there about the incoming cyclops and evacuated the farmsteads so the people could hide within the city walls. The Assblasters get to the city and speak to the guard captain, Terrill, who begins to organize a militia to fight Biclops. Sapodia comes out of the nearby temple, sees Forg, and takes him to the temple to treat his wounds. As Terril is organizing the men, a dwarven man with a dyed blue beard arrives. The man introduces himself as Bellis Diamondback and declares that he is the “Lord Witness”. He says that the dwarven monarchy declared that the elves aren’t allowed to organize with weapons outside of the city walls. He says that the dwarven king is expecting a letter from him and, if he tells the king that the elves are organizing then the king will send a military brigade to deal with them. Harlow enjoys watching a fellow dwarf boss the elves around and high-fives him. Then, Bellis notices the brand on Harlow’s neck and advises that Harlow leave the city along with “that clanless trash” (Crate) as soon as they’ve taken care of the cyclops problem. He refers to Harlow as “medicine man”, which enrages Harlow and causes him to try to punch Bellis, but Forg catches his fist and holds him back before he can. Then, one of the guards calls out to Terrill to inform him that there’s something that he is going to want to see at the gate. Terrill goes over to the gate and is shocked to see the local folk hero, a bluish orc barbarian with an afro who goes by the name Lil Justice (played by newcomer, Dax). The newcomer says that he just happened to be passing through and asks where he can pick up some of the local women. When he hears of the plight of the villagers, he agrees to help them with the cyclops problem. Forg returns and the Assblasters all introduce themselves to Lil Justice. L.A.Z.O.R. then gets the idea to go to the city’s mages’ guild, figuring that it shouldn’t technically violate the dwarven law as long as they don’t bring weapons with them. Harlow stays behind to survey the view from the top of the wall. He sees one forest to the left and can see trees being knocked down by Biclops in the distance as he slowly makes his way there. Harlow estimates that he’ll be there in a few hours. Harlow looks to the right and sees a red forest known as the Agar Taure, which was the site of a great military loss for the elves and each tree in the forest is apparently a grave marker for the fallen elf soldiers. Harlow then gets bored and decides to join the others. As he arrives, the Assblasters negotiate with the desk clerk, Patience, to see if they can get any mages to join them, but it seems like all of the mages are being called to defend the walls from within the city.  Patience introduces them to an apprentice named “Dunder”, saying that he is the “best that we can spare”. The group takes Dunder and meets up with Terrill. They ask him to get some elves with shovels and rope so they can set up some traps for the cyclops and then they head out to prepare for battle.


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