D&D-bags is a real play D&D Fifth Edition comedy podcast about roughly 4-6 guys bumbling their way through an original fantasy world. Our current season features a cyborg warlock, a drunken frog man, a hungry half-orc with an afro, an elf who likes turning people to gas, a lawful aarakocra contract killer, the heir to a legendary dwarven brewing family, and their giant Dire Corgi who thinks he is a horse. This adventure takes place in a high-fantasy medieval setting (despite the cyborg). We release hour long episodes on a bi-weekly schedule.

Our campaign is broken up into “seasons” that take place in the same world. Our podcast is a (mostly) coherent storyline, so all of our seasons are canon to each other. Season One was focused on the adventures of the Aasimar & Tiefling paladins named Illum and Aati.


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