Abridged S1 Ep. 1 – 5

What’s old is new, fellow D-Bags! This is the first of our recap/highlight episodes which we made to make the first campaign of the podcast a little quicker to listen to (for those who don’t have 35 hours to spare catching up). This covers the key story and all of our favorite moments. You CAN jump straight into our second campaign without listening to this and it will still make sense, but there is a continuity and you’d be missing out on little references here and there. Obviously, there’s a lot of great stuff from the full episodes that we couldn’t fit in these recaps, so, if you like what you hear or if you wanna hear the full episodes, they’re still available at dndbags.com Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

Here’s a link to us on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d-d-bags/id1030202254?mt=2


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