S2 Episode 17 – Who’s Ready to Drown on Solid Land?

Konnichiwa, fellow D-Bags! This week, our heroes find themselves running straight into a trap and forced into deadly combat! Then, things get gooey for pretty much everyone involved… Will our heroes complete their objective? Will they even survive?! Listen up and find out!

Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Myspace/Xanga/LiveJournal/Vine/etc. Feel free to join the conversation about how bad we are at playing this game. Reach out and tell us just how badly you want to just stop ruining something that you used to enjoy before you heard us doing it.

Here we are on iTunes. You can listen to us here, too: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d-d-bags/id1030202254?mt=2

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