S2 Episode 37 – Frogs Gone Wild

Happy actual Halloween, fellow D-Bags! Of course, now that it is actually Halloween, our players decided to make this episode Mardi Gras-themed instead. This week, we’re joined by special guest, Niccolo, and our protagonists finally face off against their nemesis, the chain devil named 2Chainz. Wounded and worn down from their journey, they find themselves outmatched by the powerful devil and are forced to find an alternative method to stop him. With Lil Justice refusing to use his magic axe and everyone else low on health, it quickly becomes unclear whether or not they’ll survive long enough to accomplish their task. Everyone gets their hands dirty and their shirts off in this exciting episode and things are gonna get wild!

Here’s a link to us on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d-d-bags/id1030202254?mt=2

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